A Hope-Filled New Year

“Happy New Year!” These words—maybe this year more than ever—hold so much hope as we pray for freedom from the ravages of a virus, an opportunity to heal a hurting nation, and awareness of the value of each human. A fresh start and the ability to look forward is beautiful—it’s like stepping into a new, […]

The Bowl of Choices & Sensory Overload—Intentional Living

Living Intentionally is a journey made of choices. Each of us will define that journey differently (because we’re different). If you could fill a bowl with words that describe the life you want to live, what would they be? When I do this exercise these are some of the adjectives that I want to put before […]

Full of It

You’ve probably heard the expression “you’re full of it!” When someone says “you’re full of it”, to another person, what he’s really saying is, “you’re lying”, “you’re making stuff up”, “you’re exaggerating”, or “you’re pompous”. I’ve never heard that expression mean “you’re full of great ideas”, “you’re full of inspiration”, or “you’re full of honesty or […]