Peace Full Home®—Intentional Living

Welcome to Peace Full Home!

In 2013, I was sitting on the deck on a beautiful, Saturday morning in October. It was my quiet time with God and I heard the words “peaceful home”. Believing in divine inspiration I decided (in spite of my skepticism) to see if anyone owned the domain “peaceful”. Of course, someone did, so I just let it go. The next day, after church, I was outside and heard “peace full home” and thought, “okay, God, I’m sure “” also belongs to someone, but I’ll check anyway.

I went to my office and typed in the words and (well, I’m sure you’re able to guess the outcome) no one owned the name! That confirmation—or should we call it a very significant nudge—led me to where I am right now.

Peace Full Home is what I believe I’m supposed to do with the time I have left.

What started as personal writing many years ago, has become a passion, and the focus of a large, and very important, part of my life. Peace Full Home®/Intentional Living isn’t simply the name of a blog or vlog—it’s the way I feel we should live.

Couldn’t we all use a little more peace? Wouldn’t each day be just a bit better if we’d be able to reframe some of the “stuff of this world” and look at it through a different lens?

Peace Full Home is a blog for people who live alone, who live with a partner, who live in a home full of children or who live in a home with a group of diverse people. It’s a blog for those of you just starting out, and for those of you who are empty-nesters. This is a blog for everyone, because regardless of where you are in life, having a home full of peace and living intentionally, always matter.

Walk with me as we discuss topics that are sometimes serious, sometimes lighthearted, but always have a goal of making us think about, and create, intentional living. Through the blog (and vlog) I hope to share some insight that makes your life a little more peace-full and beauty-full. I look forward to helping you make your life a place that lifts you up, energizes you and touches your spirit.

There’s so much going on in our lives that we often lose sight of what’s really important—walking through life with peace, and being present in the moment.

My personal aspiration is to walk thought this life with joy and grace, and I believe in a “less is more” philosophy (simplicity in beauty).

I’m a mother, grandmother, wife, writer, blogger, life coach, designer, chronic organizer, tree hugger and book lover. And, I’m honored to be a child of God.

Feel free to share your comments, ideas and wonderments. After all, we’re all on this journey together. Thank you for joining me.

Wishing you joy, love, grace and PEACE,

Ten Random (or not so random) Things About Me

  1. I love my family so much, and I thank God for them everyday. I’m honored to be Sara and Erin’s mother and Lauren and Ethan’s grandmother.
  2. My girlfriends keep me sane! I’ve always been blessed with the presence of strong women in my life. I know the difference between acquaintances and true friends (and even wrote a post about that) and honor the amazing women who add so much to my world.
  3. My husband and I went to high school together in the 70’s but didn’t know each other then. How cool is it that we ended up together?
  4. My favorite career, before Peace Full Home and Kay McLane Design, was as the C.O.O. of a chain of retail stores. I learned a lot in those years and had wonderful experiences that helped make me who I am today.
  5. Bacon and cheese are logical “crisis mode” foods, and Cabernet is the wine of queens (and writers)!
  6. I love writing “To Do” lists even though I rarely get everything crossed off.
  7. I watch nothing with violence, which eliminates a heck of lot of media (including some movies my grandchildren are old enough to watch)!
  8. If it were up to me, the kitchen would always be immaculate. I love to entertain, but really don’t like to cook. When we have parties, Larry’s usually the one doing the food prep and I’m the one making the “Ta Da!” happen. I even have girlfriends who help me shine the glassware with vinegar.
  9. I love organization. I “stress organize”. I “happy organize”. I dream up new ways to organize!
  10. I’m a glass-half-full person. I got here that way. Thank You, God.

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