A Hope-Filled New Year

“Happy New Year!”

These words—maybe this year more than ever—hold so much hope as we pray for freedom from the ravages of a virus, an opportunity to heal a hurting nation, and awareness of the value of each human. A fresh start and the ability to look forward is beautiful—it’s like stepping into a new, warm coat, buffeted from the cold winds, able to face the world, embracing a new beginning by jumping boldly into the year.

Sadly, many of us don’t hang onto that hopefulness too long. Life happens, dreams get squashed, we get tired. Sometimes others let us down. Sometimes, we let ourselves down. Disappointment takes hold, and anger, apathy, and angst win another round.

It often doesn’t take too long for us to allow the “life-reality train” to run over our great intentions. We forget that we do have the ability to create change, or we get tripped up because those changes don’t match what’s on “The Big Wish List”: more money (less if that’s why people love you), better health, incredible relationships, a fabulous career, a perfect family (impossible since we’re not perfect). We forget that we’re capable of making changes —some small, others more meaningful.

Moving forward, let’s create a year filled with as much peace and hope as possible! Following are twelve ways to move toward a Blessed 2021. For some, this will be easy. For others, it’ll require slowing down long enough to be aware of how you walk through life, noticing if you’re bearing light or extinguishing flames. 

So, strive to be:

Hopeful—about the possibilities for the future
Appreciative—of all the blessings you do have (list them)
Prayerful—asking for guidance every day, not just when you’re in crisis mode
Present—in the moment, instead of living in the past or waiting for the future
Young-at-heart—looking at the world through a lens of joy

Nice—so underrated yet so simple
Earnest—purposeful and sincere in your endeavors
Willing—to learn and grow and share

Yearning—for truth, for light, for understanding
Empowering—in a way that honors others
Adaptable—evolving and growing as life changes
Receptive—to those who need you; to what you’re called to, hearing God’s whisper even in the dark 

My hope for you in 2021 is that you believe in the beauty and wonder of who you are and that you find joy and love wherever you are. 

Wishing you blessings and peace,

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