Day-To-Day Life

Walking out of the grocery store, I saw an older man with snow-white hair, and a large hump on his back.  He was at the end of one of the aisles, hunched over, bagging groceries. Of course, I don’t know why he has that job. Maybe he desperately needs the money grocery bagging brings him. […]

Feeding Your Dreams & Baby Birds

Do you dream? I’m not asking about the images and thoughts that occur while you’re asleep—although that subject is fascinating. Do you dream during your waking hours; imagine possibilities that are different from your current reality; think about places you’d like to see; entertain “what ifs”? Or, have you given up on dreaming; instead choosing […]

Full of It

You’ve probably heard the expression “you’re full of it!” When someone says “you’re full of it”, to another person, what he’s really saying is, “you’re lying”, “you’re making stuff up”, “you’re exaggerating”, or “you’re pompous”. I’ve never heard that expression mean “you’re full of great ideas”, “you’re full of inspiration”, or “you’re full of honesty or […]