The Now (that’s already the past)

Her hands were pressed tightly together and she was aware of the energy between those two hands— hands that worked hard, hands that reached out, hands that held those who were in the dark. Tears started to flow—tears that she was surprised by. After all, tears don’t change anything. She concentrated on being still, but […]

Mistakes and Forgiveness

Mistakes and Forgiveness; Forgiveness of Mistakes Mistakes…Miss Takes I’m not an expert in the business of movie making but I do know some basics. In rehearsals, the actors do “table reads” where they read through each scene in the script. Next, they often “block through” the scene to make sure they’re in the right place […]


How do you capture joy? What does joy “look” like? Where do you find joy? Why does joy often seem so elusive? “Joy” and “Happy” are not the same. Happy is a response to something. We experience happy when we’re having fun, spending time with someone who makes us smile, watching a funny movie, playing […]