Full of It

You’ve probably heard the expression “you’re full of it!” When someone says “you’re full of it”, to another person, what he’s really saying is, “you’re lying”, “you’re making stuff up”, “you’re exaggerating”, or “you’re pompous”.

I’ve never heard that expression mean “you’re full of great ideas”, “you’re full of inspiration”, or “you’re full of honesty or truth or compassion.”

FULL- filled up with, overflowing, complete, brimming

We can CHOOSE what we want to be full of.
We can be full of spite- spiteful
full of hate- hateful
full or sorrow- sorrowful
full of dread- dreadful
full of fear- fearful
full of resentment- resentful

Or, we can CHOOSE a different way of life; a different way of:

Hopeful Full of Hope
looking at life, at each day, and at each relationship with the expectation of something promising

Careful Full of Care
walking with each other, and on our planet, with an awareness of how important it is to really cherish and honor everything and everyone around us

Prayerful Full of Prayer
believing in the potency of connecting with your higher power with thanks, concerns, heartache and joy

Cheerful Full of Cheer
knowing that being present in a way that’s lighthearted and optimistic adds value to your life

Joyful Full of Joy
living in a way that is a public declaration of a heart overflowing with happiness

BeautifulFull of Beauty
embracing life in a way that reflects the inner beauty of your spirit; of who you are at the core of your being

Faithful Full of Faith
trusting that your truths and beliefs resonate with who you REALLY are

Delightful Full of Delight
enjoying each day with an awareness of all the fascinating things and opportunities that we’re surrounded by

Graceful Full of Grace
showing compassion, generosity, goodness, kindness, and tenderness

Wonderful Full of wonder
viewing our world and your life with amazement, awe, and fascination

Thankful Full of thanks
expressing gratitude, appreciation, and recognition for the gifts in our lives

Peaceful Full of Peace
being in a place of serenity, harmony and unity, and bringing that peace to others

When I sketched out this little mandala, I wrote the words on the outside circle as they came to me. It wasn’t until after I was finished that I noticed that the words directly across from each other made sense together. Pretty cool, right?

"full" mandala Thanks & Delight- without “thanks” would we ever really be able to “delight” in this life?

Joy & Cheer- without “joy” can we truly be of good “cheer”?

Hope & Peace- without “hope” can we ever fully be at “peace”?

Grace & Wonder- without “grace” can we be open to the “wonder” of the world in which we walk?

Faith & Care- without “faith” in ourselves, in each other, in God, will we “care” for all that’s entrusted to us?

Prayer & Beauty- without “prayer” will we ever even SEE the “beauty” of our lives?

When you give yourself PERMISSION to “BE”; to walk past the “to DO” lists; to ignore the incessant demands of technology and work and responsibilities; to LISTEN to what your soul is saying, what do you hear?

What are you filled-up with? What qualities would the people who are in your life attribute to you? What would people who are meeting you for the first time, or who observe you from a distance, think of you? What do you think of yourself?
What are YOU full of?

As always, hoping that you have a Peace FULL home,

©2014 Peace Full Home











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