What Do You Hear In The Quiet?

  “HOME” the crowd gathered around her. the world was silent; pregnant with anticipation as fellow humans waited for her to speak, but there was no sound, just the stillness, the nothingness; the nothingness that was ripe with possibility too unimaginable to be spoken; too sacred to be believed. it was as if there was […]

Moment By Moment

It was a quiet house this past weekend and on Saturday evening, my daughter, Erin came up so we could watch a movie together. It was a real tearjerker with an outcome we didn’t immediately anticipate. At the end we were both sobbing; a moment shared as we looked at reality through a different lens. […]


Do you remember the song, “Stop in the Name of Love? The Supremes performed it in 1965. Some of the lyrics are: “stop in the name of love before you break my heart think it over” Asking someone to stop before they break our hearts may not work, because that requires another person’s action. The words […]