What Do You Hear In The Quiet?



the crowd gathered around her.
the world was silent;
pregnant with anticipation as fellow humans waited for her to speak,
but there was no sound, just the stillness,
the nothingness;
the nothingness that was ripe with possibility too unimaginable to be spoken;
too sacred to be believed.

it was as if there was a collective breathing,
no longer individuals alone,
but rather a symphony of one note that was made up of incalculable notes;
a complete, unified breath.

magic took place in that space;
magic that recognized the future in the now,
magic that had no words adequate to explain it,
magic that needed no words.

the gestation period was over.
actualization danced with understanding.
life would now truly begin.
learning would be absorbed through the opening of the gate of the heart.

the jar was there before all.
it was filled with all experiences till this day;
layers upon layers of moments that
created days and weeks and months and years that flew by.

the inner critics were silenced.
the true potential was realized.
the bankrupt souls were given a fresh start.
the past and present collided together in a cacophony of silent noise,
each hearing only what was important to that soul.
tears streamed down her face.
she promised she’d leave.

she heard a whispered, “lights will guide you home”.

“Home” From Poems & Random Thoughts About Life by Kay McLane
©2019 kay mclane, peace full home.com®/intentional living, 2013-2019.

Our perception of time is altered by the sheer number of years we walk this planet. I’m comparing one year of life to the sixty I’ve already lived, while someone who’s twenty is comparing one year to only twenty previous ones. For most of us, the longer we live, the faster each subsequent year seems to go.

Do you ever land in a space where you wonder, “what am I supposed to be doing with this life?”

Where are you in your journey?

Do you ever struggle with

I wonder:
How many teachable moments did I miss?
How much did I not hear?
How many times when something was right in front of me did I not see it because I was too busy to see?

I think:
If I had only twelve days to live how would I play out those 288 hours?
If I could imagine, every day, that I have only 288 hours before this life’s expiration how would my life be different?
If I have this precious time in front of me how will I use it?

And, as always, the journey continues…









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4 thoughts on “What Do You Hear In The Quiet?

  1. Kay, your blog always seems to be delivered on the exact day I need some positive thoughts. Thank you for sharing your insights and always giving me food for thought. Hope my favorite cruise director is doing well!


    • Thank you for reaching out Kirsten. I am honored to be part of your life even if it’s not in person! Your cruise director is doing great and he still holds you up as the “best teacher of all time”. Blessings to you!


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