Moment By Moment

It was a quiet house this past weekend and on Saturday evening, my daughter, Erin came up so we could watch a movie together. It was a real tearjerker with an outcome we didn’t immediately anticipate. At the end we were both sobbing; a moment shared as we looked at reality through a different lens. More importantly though, over a glass of wine, we talked about life. Memorable moments sometimes occur when you least expect them.
What moments are you missing—because you’re caught up in the constant drone of your everyday life?

The morning fog hung in the air, so dense that we couldn’t see more than two feet in front of us, as we walked to the corner at 7:05. Webs covered the boxwoods and their intricate patterns glistened in spite of the heavy mist. We talk each morning on the way to the bus stop—an eleven-year-old girl and a grandmother who’s aware that these simple, yet meaningful moments will create a bond that lasts forever.
What moments can you freeze-frame—tuck away for the time when someone you love grows up or moves away or leaves this world?

As I walk home, I think back to long-gone days and am aware of how each seemingly tiny choice brought me to where I am now. Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward.” I’m aware that if I made one specific decision differently, my life would not be the same. When I look back on almost six decades, I can see where those dots were connected. I see how what I chose created the life I now live. I can see the moments that created the days that created the years.
What moments can you learn from—times that are poignant, ripe with emotion, filled with pain or grace, misunderstanding or love, hurt or complete acceptance?

What if you fill your cup of life—not overfill it, nor cram it with meaningless things just to say it’s full, but fill it with what you want? Fill it with adventures and encounters that add to the tapestry of your existence and give wholeness to the experience of living. What if you fill it with joy?
What moments can you create—from dreams that lay dormant in your heart, stirred into existence by a long-repressed desire to be intentional about how you live?

Too often we accept the status quo. A nagging voice says, “How dare you expect more?”, “Who do you think you are to believe you can create a better reality?”, and we listen. When you’re tied down by that voice, remember that is not your spirit talking, but rather a human-made fear of reaching for the stars.
What moments could you birth into reality—if you let go of self-imposed constraints that scream, “no you can’t”?


Slow down enough to catch a glimpse of yourself as you fly through this adventure called life.
Be intentional about the moments you want to experience in the time you have left, and write down exactly what you desire.
Be certain that your dream/ideal life is dependent on you, not others.
Be aware that you can’t undo the past, but you can create the future.
Most importantly, listen to what your spirit wants to stir in you‑that ineffable something so special that you may not even have the language to name it.

For one week, write down a special moment at the end of each day. It doesn’t have to be phenomenal. It doesn’t have to involve fanfare or money or lots of people (but it’s okay if it does). It doesn’t have to be anything except important to you, because this is your journey—year by year, day by day and moment by moment.

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