Core Beliefs, Expectations & Sleep Talking

Core Beliefs reflect the essence of self—what we consider absolute truths about ourselves, others and the world.
(They’re very different from “on the surface” thoughts that change depending on what’s going on in your life.)

Life/World Core Beliefs sound like:
the world is a dangerous place (-)
honesty is always best (+)
people are fundamentally self-serving (-)

Negative Personal Core Beliefs sound like:
I don’t belong anywhere
I’m unlovable
I’ll always be abandoned

Positive Personal Core Beliefs sound like:
I am cared for
I’m a good person
I contribute to the world

Narcissistic Core Beliefs sound like:
I’m perfect
I’m who everyone else wants to be
I’m entitled to everything

Much of our ideology is developed when we’re very young, as a result of what we’re told (out loud or without one word being uttered). It significantly impacts who we are and what we believe our “worth” is. For some, core beliefs carry them through life on a cloud of magic—I’m amazing, gorgeous, powerful. For many, however, core beliefs continually bury them—Of course, I’m going to fail; I always do.

We often embrace concepts that aren’t grounded in truth and replay them so often that they become dogma. Long-held beliefs become embedded in our way of thinking and it seems sacrilegious to even attempt to alter them. Negative assumptions lead us down the road of “less than”, and we take on that role and play it out.

Concepts that aren’t accurate descriptions of your spirit, lead to pain, and powerlessness.
If you hold, as core beliefs, assignations like:
“I’m ugly; my mother always said I’m not pretty
“I’m dumb—I’ve
 been told that my entire life”
“I’m worthless; my father said I was a mistake” 
it’s going to take a lot of work to realize you are beautiful or intelligent or worthwhile.

Thinking about the same topic repeatedly gives it power. When those thoughts are articulated they take on even more energy. (Thoughts become words, words become action.)

We often see life from a self-imposed, limited reality. We build from our experiences and create patterns of behavior. The things we do over and over—physically, mentally and emotionally, without a single thought become part of day-to-day realities that we often don’t even notice—like blades on a fan, they’re always there, but when they’re on high speed we don’t really see them.

When you truly leave the past behind you, you’re moving toward living with purpose. Intentional, peace-full living requires continually looking at how we walk through life through different lenses. It doesn’t matter if you’re twenty or eighty. We are products of our previous experiences (good and bad) and relationships (healthy or hurtful).  But, we don’t have to be victims of them.

We’re often “sleep-talking”. Just like sleepwalking (when we’re unaware we’re physically moving through space), sleep-talking is being on verbal auto-pilot; spouting things out loud (or silently to ourselves) without even considering what we’re saying and, often sadly, reinforcing core beliefs that are harmful.

When you’re finished with your work for the week, what are you telling the universe is important to you?
What beliefs do you hold in your core that seek expression?
What is your higher purpose?
When are you “sleep-talking”?

You are valuable.
You are a beloved child of God.
You truly do matter.
Those are all truths.
Those are all core beliefs you deserve to hear.


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