Thoughts, Words, Actions—Intentional Living

There’s a lot of power in our thoughts.

We forget that at times.

On the road to living intentionally, it’s important to be aware of how what we’re thinking is affecting how we’re living.

Quantum physics deals with what’s going on inside atoms, where subatomic particles interact with each other. Atoms combine to create molecules, which in turn make up everything in our world. On a microscopic level, this science addresses the wave-like behavior of matter and energy. Waves of energy have oscillating electric and magnetic fields, traveling at the speed of light. (Disclaimer: This is my very basic understanding.) In “A Quantum Life”, Natalie Reed writes, “nothing in our world exists until we create it” and “you are creating your reality at the moment you observe it.” There are always waves of energy moving around us. Everything in our world, including us, is energy.  

I’ve been aware of “energy” for a long time. I know that just because I can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Suppose you have a fan sitting on your table. It’s turned off and you clearly see five blades. When you turn the fan on, and it’s spinning really fast, you can’t distinguish the individual blades. They’re still there but you can’t see them.

We are creating our lives. If we want to change them, we have to shift what’s going on in our subconscious minds. Sometimes it’s daunting to think about that responsibility. When I look back and have an “Aha Moment” about something unhappy, I struggle with the role I potentially (unwittingly) played in bringing it to fruition. Fortunately, far more often, I have seen the outcome of positive thinking. I have “good parking karma”. I assume that I’ll always find a great parking space. I don’t spend a lot of energy on it. I simply “believe” there will be a spot open and, at least 90% of the time, there is! In the past two weeks, since writing about intentional living, other signposts have shown up along the way:
~During the snowstorm weekend, I jotted down four images to photograph. One of them is a dandelion. When I pulled “Peace Is Every Step” off the shelf last week, I realized that the chapter ornament is a dandelion! (I hadn’t picked that book up in years.)
~One morning, when I was showering, I noticed that the containers that hold shampoo should be cleaned with vinegar again (my solution for water spots) and thought, “I’ll do that tomorrow”. When I went into the bathroom the next morning, they were drying on the sink. My husband cleaned them before he went to bed! (He cleans things in our house regularly, but it was just SO random.)
~The other day I “noticed” the box with my calligraphy pens, on the shelf above my desk, and thought, “I should start using them again”. I opened a book the next morning where calligraphy was talked about!
Of course, you could call these simple coincidences, but why write it off that way?

I think almost constantly. Larry (aforementioned husband) swears that I can think about six totally distinct issues simultaneously. My brain is almost always “on” and it’s not just plugged into the outlet, it’s on overdrive. The perpetual barrage of noise sometimes makes it tough to HEAR what’s most important, so if I can’t turn the processing down, I have to be “tuned in” to what’s playing.

There’s no magic wand to erase the past, but we can choose how much power we give something that’s impacted us negatively. We can choose how we want the future to unfold, but before we can put energy into creating the lives we want, we have to know what we want.
That requires:
thinking about it with intention, instead of simply being okay with what happens to us,
ownership of our lives; who we have in them and how we allow ourselves to be treated,
being intentional about following through (I did take the calligraphy pens down and cleaned them),
allowing the feelings we want in our lives to get on the stage and play a starring role, not a once-in-awhile understudy part, and
honoring our lives by saying, “Thank You God” every day for the joys we have. Gratitude is a huge part of creating a life that is lived with intention.

I often say, “Don’t put that out to the Universe” when talking about–and therefore giving energy to–something that’s negative (or undesirable). Recently I heard my ten-year-old granddaughter say, “let’s not put that out to the universe!” Pretty cool, right?

Let’s use our thoughts and energy to “grow” the peace-filled, joy-filled, love-filled lives we want. This isn’t new information. There are plenty of Biblical verses about “reaping what we sow.” What are you actively “calling into your life” with your thoughts? What are YOU sowing?

Sending positive energy to you this week,
©2016 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living


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