Miscellaneous Thoughts on an October Day

My dreams get mixed-up with what’s real……wait, maybe it’s the other way around; maybe my real life gets mixed-up with my dreams. Is there actually a difference?

What used to be curiosities now seem “normal”. What used to be “normal” now seems absurd. I wonder who really fits in anyway? Being like everyone else isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

I, sometimes, envy the folks who don’t overthink things as much as I do.

We’re dying as we’re living, and every day that we breathe this air we’re one step closer to the end of these lives. That’s not macabre and it shouldn’t be scary, but it does frighten me once in a while.

There are times when I simply have to acknowledge my feelings instead of “understand” them—they’re all part of me and though I race through the streets running from them, I can’t move fast enough.

The hostas’ leaves are blowing in the breeze. The plants are dying off now, as they do each fall, but they’ll come back in the spring. They are resilient. I keep “bouncing back”, but I’m often not as resilient as I used to be—I’m more like the pieces of glass that crash through the ocean’s waves being smoothed down; not as sharp and, eventually, not very large.

Sometimes we don’t get out of our own way. We become the biggest blockades in our lives…thwarting our souls’ attempts to push through the barriers that stop us from becoming whole.

I think that toxicity + sadness + confusion + pain = fear. And, Rick Hanson wrote, “The engine of most aggression is fear”. That makes a lot of sense to me.

The trees are luminous in the dappled light that shines down on them.

In our arrogance, we often don’t see beyond the myopic view of our human brains, so we stay on the first-world hamster wheel where what matters most is, too often, appearance and possession.

I remember being mesmerized by a dandelion trying to push its way through the dry earth. I think, “Am I like that dandelion—persistent, but really just a weed on the planet, fighting to not get mowed down?”

We create self-fulfilling prophecies. And, often, they’re completely inconsistent with what we really want because we focus on the negative so much that we birth it into reality. Thoughts become words, words become actions.

When you look in a kaleidoscope you see a myriad of colors and shapes, all moving together—changing, morphing, evolving. We’re a lot like a kaleidoscope—depending on which way we’re turned, we see a different side of ourselves.

Sometimes I’m not good at prioritizing my priorities. And, sometimes I teach others what I have to learn.

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