The house is quiet except for the dehumidifier running in the background. We had the rainiest summer since 2011 and the rainiest September on record, in 117 years. It reminds me a lot of Portland, Oregon, where I’d visit my daughter, Erin, who lived there for a while.

My prayer list is really long right now. Many friends who are hurting, sad or struggling with new—not expected—realities:
• a father who passed away a few months ago
• a hip-replacement as a result of exposure to Agent Orange
• a son who died from a drug overdose
• a husband who will be going into surgery next week
• a life altered by an accident for both the person in recovery and his spouse

There are also all the other “need prayer” situations on my heart:
• the hurricane heading toward Florida as I write
• the division in our country, torn apart because of politics and ways of viewing life
• the pain that has been regurgitated for many of us (women and men—we sometimes forget that men are victims of predators as well) who have suffered at the hands of someone—the loss and loathing of the perpetrator (and sometimes, sadly, of ourselves)
• the tsunami in Indonesia
• the earthquake in Haiti

In this overcast morning, I see that the oak trees have begun to lose their leaves—a process that will go on all winter. I marvel at nature. In my head, I hear Louie Armstrong’s voice singing “What a Wonderful World” and the juxtaposition of that song, and the pain so many are in, clash against each other.

But, there are also many things to celebrate today:
• a long-prayed-for-child being birthed into our world
• a diagnosis of the reverse of a disease
• a homeless person being offered, not only a place to eat but a job to help rebuild his life
• a relationship that will thrive in spite of changes that could have destroyed it
• a step forward being taken, when for so long there have only been steps going backward

So, God, I pray,
Help us to hold onto our Wonderful World. Help us to embrace her and nurture her, remembering that, for now, it is our home.
Help us to recognize the value in each other, even when we don’t see eye-to-eye, and help us to see a person’s spirit (not the body he or she walks around in).
Help us to be patient and kind, with each other and with ourselves.
Help us to live fully into today; this day that will hold joy for some and unimaginable pain for others; this day that we have right now.
Help us to be our best selves; always and in all ways.










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