God Time

Last week, I was helping a client—who has a special place in my heart—get into the rhythm of starting the day with “God Time”. The morning after our time together I sent a note with these reminders:

  • make a cup of tea or coffee; don’t do any “chore like” tasks other than this one—the things of this world won’t go anywhere
  • choose a spiritual book to have on your lap, in case you’re led to read during this time
  • light a candle
  • commit to 20 minutes—set a timer so you don’t watch the clock; if your time goes over 20 minutes, that’s great
  • also, commit to 3 weeks; those 21 days will be an investment, those 420 little minutes will allow you the space to reconnect
  • consciously breathe in and out, slowly, with an awareness of the gift of these breaths
  • think about God’s love enveloping you—in your worthiness, in your fear, in your beauty, in your “not-enoughness”, in all of you— the you created by God, in the image of God
  • remember that God is in you and you are in God
  • if your mind wanders (for most of us it will), gently remind your brain, “This is my time with God”, and go back to that spaceWith blessings and light and love, Kay

Early this morning, I was sitting in the library with my cup of tea, slowly breathing in and out; trying to stop the cacophony of noise interrupting my desire to start the day with an awareness of what matters most.

I prayed, “God fill me with” and got stuck.

I figured that since I was “in tune” and real with God, one word would fill in that blank. Instead, so many words tumbled out of my mind and into that sentence. It became, “God fill me with: peace, joy, energy, wisdom, stamina, courage, faith, perseverance, love, kindness, resilience, hope, awareness….”. It went on and on. Wow, what a list, right? There were so many attributes I thought I needed to ask for in those moments.


The birds were uncharacteristically quiet as the torrential rain came down. There would be flood warnings issued. But all I could think about was God washing our world; God watering our trees; God offering a clean slate to start the day. Then the sentence was finished for me. One Word. Simple, Pure, Renewing, Honest. “God, fill me with You.”

So, this is what I pray for you today: that you know that you truly matter, that you understand that you have value right where you are and that you recognize that YOU are part of God and God is part of YOU.

With blessings and light and love,

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