Wednesday Morning

The wind howls up the mountain, washing over the house.

The mewing of the cat bird, long before any other friends join the chorus, heralds the coming of a new day.

The path lights in front of the home across the cul-de-sac create dancing circles of light on the wet pavement.

The breeze blowing through the library windows is sweet; a mix of the flora and fauna outside.

It’s still the dead of night, but I’m up, waiting to witness the debut of another day—not just an ordinary Wednesday, but a day that’s sacred—a day that the earth will welcome new inhabitants, a day where our world will say “goodbye” to those who have left indelible marks. It’s a day where our hearts will find love, minds will find solutions, and souls will find peace; it’s a day where hearts will break, minds will be lost in the past, and souls will be yearning for that “God space” to be filled.

This may be a crazy day with a heavy client load. This may be a day with many projects and “not enough hours”. I will need to earn an income and clean my home and help others and take care of myself but, I have to find God in Wednesday, just like I have to find God in the other six days of the week. It is my choice. I will fail during the day—maybe a lot, hopefully only a little.

Will I breathe in and out, aware, conscious of my heart beating inside my chest? Or, will I just keep running through until I get to the end?

This day—this one day, even in its seeming duplication of so many before it—is unlike any other. It is precious. It holds within it so many possibilities.

It is 5:53. Morning has broken.

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