Chasing Dreams

January 10, 2017 a note to God: Hi God,  It’s a New Year. The last one flew by faster than the previous ten, and much faster than the twenty before that. The first thirty—well, they seemed to meander slowly; like a lazy river taking its time, enjoying the scenery. I know, that as we have more […]

“Either/Or”, “And/But”

It’s 6:23 in the morning as the light comes in from the East. The pines, river birches and oaks reach out to a blue sky, dappled with diaphanous clouds.  A rabbit hops through the grass as a chipmunk scurries across the deck. The tomatoes are turning red in the garden. A butterfly dances past my head. A gentle […]

Attainable Goals & Rome

A couple of weeks ago I went for my six-month dental checkup. My regular hygienist, Pam, was doing the cleaning. When I had a chance I said, “my goal is for you to only need to spend four minutes working on my teeth, the next time I come in”. Pam’s light-hearted response was, “maybe you […]