Connecting Life Dots

Years ago, when my husband and I had breakfast at a diner with our daughter, Sara, and our grandchildren, Lauren & Ethan, we’d play “connect the dots” on the back of a paper placemat that Sara would make a series of dots on.  

In “Dots and Boxes,” around since the late 1800s, players add horizontal or vertical lines each time it’s their turn. If that line completes a box, you initial it and go again.

Our lives are a lot like those squares made up of one connection and then another, sometimes erasing an “error” and other times flying through the box building. 

Sometimes, we make neat little moves, intentionally focusing on completing one square. Other times we jump from a dot on the bottom in one turn, then one in the middle or on the left, drawing little lines, hoping that someday we’ll finish what we started. Sometimes the paper gets a bit crumpled, and we must flatten it out, or we stop the game, leave the diner and page behind, and have to start over on a new blank page.

My life has had so many “dots.” Some of them have created complete boxes:
• being a daughter while my parents were still on the Earth plane
• raising my girls to become remarkable women
• earning a degree
• building a successful career
• buying and renovating a home
• finding the right faith community 
• creating a website
• writing blog posts & poetry
• having a community of loving friends

Some of the “boxes” will be unceasing:  
• continuing to grow spiritually—to seek, to ask, to find
• loving my adult daughters and being “there” (wherever their squares are)
• having beautiful relationships with my grandchildren and being part of their lives with love, support, acceptance, and joy
• fostering my precious friendships  
• being a good partner
• making a difference, no matter how small

What do your little lines represent?
• Which squares have you completed successfully, and which have you abandoned?
• What “dots” have been replaced by newer, shinier ones; are you content with those replacements?
• Which life squares will you gift others so they can put their initial in that box?
• What squares are you afraid to complete?
• Are there just too darned many boxes to complete?
• How much jumping around are you doing on the page of life, never finishing what matters most?
• Can you tear off the bottom part of the paper and concentrate on the dots on top?

What if—in opposition to the paper game—your goal shouldn’t be to fill as many boxes as possible but to ensure that those you choose to complete are awesome and filled with love?

Connecting the dots, making choices, and building the life you desire one precious little square at a time.

May your day be blessed.
With Love,

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