Trust, Faith & Amazing You

You’re embracing life if you sit down with a cup of tea, coffee (or a glass of wine) and stare out a window, remembering or imagining different versions of you that lit up your spirit or spilled joy into your heart.

You’re incredible if you have been “in it alone,” whether parent or caregiver, but kept moving forward, living into your highest loving self, despite the exhaustion.

You’re a reality changer if you’ve been stuck in an exhausting never-ending cycle, running on a proverbial hamster wheel, or conversely, have been underwhelmed, your doors locked and windows (real or metaphorical) shuttered, but chose to change your current reality, moving onward to a new path.

You’re an optimist if you’ve navigated life minefields gracefully, creating the reality you desire and deserve, never giving up your power, and realizing that you have as much value as anyone else,

(You’re incredibly blessed if your experiences, until today, have never seen any of those challenges.) 

Faith calls you to lean in, trusting that the universe will usher you through— guiding you intuitively, even when you don’t recognize it. Faith has a constancy that envelops you, shelters you from turmoil, and reminds you of your intrinsic and unique value.

Has faith been an anchor in a storm, pushing away doubt? Is there someone who’s faithfully walked alongside you on dark, scary, or lonely days?

What have your “alleluia moments” been when you leaned into your highest power and invited your brain to dance with all that is sacred?

As you move through this day, may your path on this journey be kind to you, filling your heart with joy. May you know you are valuable and loved in all ways, despite the challenges you’ve faced, the times you believe you failed, and the sorrow you’ve lived through.

May today bless you with grace, hope, light, and, of course, peace because you deserve all of those.

With Love,

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