Love Wins Again

There’s so much we’re visually aware of if we have the gift of sight: the smile on a loved one’s face, a kitchen overflowing with unused items, flowers in full bloom, sorrow when someone homeless is sleeping on a park bench. The list goes on and on. And so much is unseen through our eyes, like sorrow and physical, emotional, or chronic pain. There are obviously “haves” and “have-nots.”

On the “Have” side, it’s often about possessions or fantastic life experiences:
• Trips to faraway lands
• A piece of coveted jewelry
• Fabulous meals in elegant restaurants
• A new house or boat or pair of Manolo Blahniks

On the “Don’t Have” side, they’re about challenging life experiences:
• Hunger
• Abusive relationships
• Lack of companionship
• Depression
• Fear

Yesterday, I was again part of the Habitat For Humanity “She Nailed It.” This incredible competition was birthed into reality during a meeting eleven years ago when a group of us brainstormed fundraising ideas for affordable housing and created an all-women hammering contest. “SNI” has now expanded far beyond our Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley. Our homeowners, often women, invest “sweat equity” to get to the space where precious house keys are in their hands, where their children are safe, and where there is pride in helping to build their homes.

What if everyone had enough food to eat?
What if everyone was treated fairly with compassion and kindness no matter how we look, who we love, or how much we own?
What if we saw our fellow humans’ incredible value and beauty instead of seeing only the surface?
What if kindness, grace, care, and love were always our calling cards?
What if everyone had a secure home?

As I review yesterday, remembering how close I was to losing my voice as I stood on the stage reading the team’s names and shouting, “Keep Going,” “You’ve got this,” I am aware of the incredible blessing it is to be part of something so completely life-changing.

I truly honor the two teams from my faith community and my daughter Sara’s banking team, all women who hammered their hearts out for this cause. And, as I think about my dear friend, Nora, whose been with me in this venture from the beginning, Jess’s leadership, Lindsay’s passion, Steph’s on-stage charisma, the incredible HFH staff, and the volunteers, I remember that “Hope Does Spring Eternal.”

Today, I wish for you that hope, joy, and peace be your constant companions because you are amazing!

May your heart be full of love, and your day be blessed with the awareness of your value in our world.


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