The flickering filament, barely lighting the room, reminds me of fireflies, the soft-winged beetles whose bioluminescent glow, regulated by the oxygen in their organs, attracts a partner. I love these flying rays of joy. I dance with them, honored to be part of their ceremony, aware of the fleeting hours this show will be on stage each summer. Some, even synchronize their flashing during the mating period.

When I commune with nature, I feel an awareness of peace, calm, and sanctity (a word that may seem a poor choice if not for the pureness, reverence, and sacredness of our planet that I believe exists in some sacred spaces where love not war lives).

Whether it’s a sun-baked landscape, a zinnia opening her arms to a butterfly, or a deer gazing at me, connecting across the road, I am awed by our spinning orb’s overwhelming beauty and diversity. My curiosity, time and time again, is piqued. Often, as the sun sets in our west, the colors of the sky sing anthems—sometimes dirges, mournful, reminding us of the limitedness of our human bodies, but often choirs of halleluiahs exalting the creation around us.

Hate can be a petri dish of infection, dismissing the truth that all of us fellow humans are spirit energy, grounded in bodies with three-pound brains—sometimes magnificent, often clunky. We may look different externally, articulate with varied languages or view love through various lenses. We may believe in different higher powers (or no higher power) and have diverse political views, yet we are all human (even in our often inhumanity).

Alas, hope does not always seem “to spring eternal” on our earth. Perhaps it never did. Yet, I want to believe that profound possibilities and a radical shift will still occur. I dream that we fellow humans, will evolve, morphing into beings that are less reactive and more proactive, becoming vessels of life-altering change so that we can dance with joy for the potential our reality holds so that we can say with conviction, “All people are equal in value in the light of truth.” United, we can be the catalyst that creates radical transformation. United, we can become love.

May today bring you peace and light.

©peace full home®/intentional living, kay malloy mclane


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