What Is Wealth?

Time is an incredibly fleeting reality, yet my brain is often on overdrive despite my consciousness of the unhealthiness of that! Thinking about how months, years, and decades fly by, I’ve been contemplating an awareness held for a long time: abundance

All we need to do is turn on the news to see the scarcity that is a day-to-day reality for many fellow humans; (only 1.1% of the world’s population has 45.8% of our planet’s financial resources.) I often think about that disparity, yet security is not only monetary.

There are seven types of “wealth” that highlight the enormous gaps between the “haves” and “have-nots.” Let’s look at them.

• Body Wealth: mental and physical wellness, sometimes accompanied by attractiveness (which, of course, is subjective).

• Financial Wealth: monetary resources that allow ownership—whether a private island or a new pair of shoes—and the ability to do what you want.

• Nature Wealth: the air breathed, water, and food consumed, enjoying an environment that nurtures us.

• Social Wealth: status in your family, workplace, or community and healthy, uplifting, supportive relationships.

• Spiritual Wealth: a connection to a higher power, communing and being in touch with nature and the universe’s energy.

• Time Wealth: freedom to do whatever’s chosen, whether reading a blog post, traveling the world, or having dinner with loved ones (ideally sans phone).

• Wisdom Wealth: accumulated life knowledge and experiences that create uncorrupted judgment and imbue meaningful routines.

Countless humans on our spinning orb are not blessed with these gifts, yet we often forget that, taking what’s right in front of us for granted.

Questions for thought:

Which of these seven signs of wealth are part of your life; which are lacking?
Are there any you take for granted?
Do you dismiss some of them in your “busyness?”
Can you make changes if situations keep you in perpetual hamster wheel mode?
If you’d could add one of these forms of wealth, which would you choose?

Maybe, these questions are easy for you to answer. Perhaps, you’ve never thought of wealth this way before, but as we evolve, if we choose to see life through different lenses, we become empowered, able to reach beyond the obvious, the mundane ritual, and see life from a new perspective, stepping back to step forward.

As you “spend” today’s hours, my desire for you is: 
to know joy, 
be aware of blessings bestowed, 
and recognize your incredible value. 

You are a ray of light that can change another’s day.

With love,

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