Reality Check

An explosion in a chocolate factory less than an hour from me killed seven people yesterday.
This morning, three Nashville children were killed at Covenant School, part of a Presbyterian Church.
Above Rolling Fork, Mississippi, satellite images show the abject devastation while news reports continue to tally death tolls. 
These are just three of this morning’s heartbreaks.

Raucous laughter, or the awareness of life’s fragility, opens hearts and invites us to unite. 
The birds have again reached their spring destination. Already—guano covers my deck floor as squirrels scurry to consume whatever my avian friends leave behind. 
Hearts meet, sometimes in dances of unity or a loving conversation, and often by simply holding another’s hand.  
These are just three of this morning’s joys.

Driving to an appointment, I saw the sun shining and gorgeous puffy clouds dotting the sky. 
I have a car, enough money for gas, and food to eat thrice daily if I wish (while so many starve). 
Friends reach out to me with joy, a request for a listening ear, or to share stories about those they love, and I am honored.  
These are just three of this morning’s awarenesses.

Where are we as each dawn breaks, the afternoons unfold, or our evenings end each day?
What do we hold most dear?
Where do we seek solace or quiet or peace?
What can we let go of?
When do we hold tight because this moment is all we have? 

Questions in the light, longing in the dark.
Grateful that you’re sharing the journey with me. 

With Love,

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