A Work in Progress

Sometimes, I feel like I’m in perpetual “Groundhog Day” (like the 1993 movie Bill Murray starred in). Each set of twenty-four hours seems like a repetition of the one before—learned patterns, a sense of life impotence, the same mundanity or routine.

Yet, lying in bed this morning at 6:00, awoken by a jarring alarm, I was aware that today the sun rose one minute earlier than yesterday and that the trees outside my window were incredibly still, save one branch that waved good morning (I found that fascinating).

The avian chorus had not yet heralded the new day with song, but I was intuitively aware that an egg safely lay in a carefully built nest on the front porch and that the mighty oaks would soon begin to leaf out.

And as I tried to make sense of my insensibility, I became aware that no day is identical, no matter how habitual or unremarkable it seems.

• A new commercial comes on for a woman sitting alone in her recliner in front of the TV every day.
• Love is finally found.
• Almost invisible dust molecules litter tables that were cleaned the day before.
• Squirrels scurry up the bird feeder pole.
• Our planet experiences flooding, drought, or fires—often because of human choices.
• A piece of mail is delivered.
• Physical pain gets worse, or a broken heart gets mended.
• A dog gets a bath.
• Loneliness crashes through an open door, or a cure saves a life.

Life juxtapositions are all around us.

I think about just two of my dear friends: Kellee, a veteran who served our country and now battles the physical ravages the war has left her with, and Hannah, who created a non-profit organization—Joyful Giving—to provide essential items that are packaged as gifts of joy not hand-outs. (I am incredibly blessed by all the amazing women I am privileged to walk through life with.)

We get stuck (at least I certainly get stuck) in what often seems like mindless routines: paying the bills, cleaning those dusty tables, emptying the dishwasher, and doing laundry, all often without any awareness of how those hours are being spent.

Life is so very fragile.
Every once in a while, I forget that.

Thank you for being on the journey with me.

With Love,

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