Taking for Granted

I: Who, What, When Where, Why

Like, I’m sure at least some of you, there are times I forget to see the life-signposts with flashing lights screaming:
“Who are you hurting (hopefully unwittingly) with a lack of awareness?”
“What, small but valuable something, are you missing running through life?
“When do you choose to look away rather than take a stand or jump in with compassion?
“Where you running to; is it more important than “the fleeting now?”
“Why are you so engaged with what’s, in reality, so trivial while missing what really matters?

Our lack is often not picked up by others. It’s simply piled on to the already world-weary traveler.

II: Evil

Despite the proliferation of media headlines in newspapers and publications, radio, and television, it can become easy to dismiss the overwhelming evil that’s played out in many humans’ lives every day. We hear tragic stories; read of heartbreaking sorrow, but we often gloss over it unless it’s knocking at our own front door.

In addition, many people choose to absorb into their psyches gratuitous violence as a form of “entertainment,” not recognizing how those choices are normalizing horror.

Those experiences can become blasé, just like “The Sock on the TV Phenomena.”

III: New Starts

Each day as I arise, I say, “Thank You, God,” move into my morning reset, then head into the kitchen to “put the teapot on” (sounds very British, right?).

When most grounded, I sit in my library with my tea, set a timer (a lovely chime), and do some spiritual reading—always with a book and pen so I can make notes. But, I often drink my tea while preparing to go to, call, or work on a client project. That’s when I’m not prioritizing my priorities.

I know what’s most important, yet I often fail to stay in it because I allow my three-pound brain to override my spirit’s yearnings.

Early this morning, the sky in the east was bright red. I remember my Dad saying: “red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailors take warning.” When I think about him—and all I’ve loved who’ve left this physical world—I recognize (for the thousandth time) how fragile all of this is. And, so, my journey continues. I’d love for you to join me. ❤︎

May your day be blessed,

Taking for Granted

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