Fearless Friday

I was asked by a friend, doing research, some “life queries.” Her questions and my responses follow.   

Question: What keeps me up at night?
• Nightmares (literally); had one again last night despite being completely violence averse.
• Trying to figure out what I’m called to do with the rest of this life.
• Over-thinking!
• The fear-based, often unloving, world we live in.

Question:  How am I experiencing this moment?
• Awareness of the blessings given by the amazing, incredible humans I get to share life with.
• Worriment for our country and planet (i.e., a divided nation, women in Afghanistan, COVID-19, global warming, flooding, fires).
• Concern for those I love most.
• The speed at which we’re spending our lives.
• Ascertaining self-worth as I age.

Question: What do I want to build in our community?
Understanding, respecting, accepting, and appreciating individuals’ talents and gifts.

Question: What am I passionate about?
• Those I love.
• Writing (especially poetry), learning, exploring, growing.
• Reading: fiction, non-fiction—everything from haughty tomes and frivolous novels.
• Attempting to make an impact and leave a positive mark on our world.
• Living with less “stuff” and more of everything else (and preaching about that whenever I can)!
• Being aware of the fragility of each moment—time seems to be slipping through my fingers like grains of sand.

When we dance, with earthly feet, for the last time, what will we remember? I can’t imagine that our spirits will be hanging onto this world’s coveted, tangible possessions or reliving the experiences of when we were hurt or lonely (feelings sanctioned by our three-pound brains). I doubt we’ll pontificate on the times we were heartbroken, but rather, we’ll rejoice in the times we’ve been loved. I believe we’ll not be reminiscing about the “things” of life but rather the love, joy, and experiences of life.

May today bring you joy.
May today offer you a glimpse of your soul.
May today make you fearless. 
May today shout, from the rafters, the incredible, unique, and valuable human you are.

With love,

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