Wisdom Words 2022

In 2020, I wrote a post with twenty practices that honor the beauty and worth we all have.

Now, in 2022, with COVID-19 still wreaking havoc on our hurting planet and news filled with loneliness, violence, and sorrow, it seems fitting to offer more ideas to see everyday life through a brighter lens (but not one that’s blinding with strobe lights).

Equilibrium often seems off-balance. Much like earth’s natural resources that have been destroyed, many of the concepts I once felt “sure of” seem to be crumbling like ancient buildings. Perhaps, our spinning globe needed to be shaken up, or we needed to be reminded of how very fragile all this is.

In 2020, many long-held beliefs were put in a blender on high and spilled everywhere, and we’re still in that state of upheaval.

Clearly, we need to continue (or, for some, start) dialogue that digs deeper than perfunctory gobbly gook that’s sometimes spewed. So, in that vein, today, I’m sharing twenty-two practices that you individually can consider.

“Oh, grant me wisdom from above, to for peace and cling to love.”
(Keith & Kristyn Getty)

Twenty-Two Thoughts for 2022

• trust yourself and your inner compass
• sit in nature, commune with a tree, climb a mountain, watch the sun setting, see our beautiful planet

• self-awareness + self-respect = self-love
• if someone says, “you’re too emotional” or “you’re too sensitive” when you should be upset or sensitive, look the person in the eye and walk away; women, especially, have been shutting down their righteous emotions forever

• there may be times you’ll need to go backward to go forward
• don’t settle for “good enough”; shoot for unique and excellent (you deserve that)

• don’t let anyone marginalize you
• create—art, music, clothing, anything; just don’t shut down your creativity

• walk-through, don’t jump over, pain (tried that, it doesn’t work)
• fill your space with plants and art and music that makes your heart sing

• ask for help when you need it (I need to work on this)
• “show up” when you make a commitment, but don’t say “yes” just to make someone else happy

• love should not = pain
• be brave when you can, but remember that being fragile is okay too

• don’t allow another human to tell you what to believe
• dream big, really big, as big as your beautiful mind and heart can imagine

• never disappoint yourself to stop disappointing another
• don’t try to be a copy of anyone else; dig deep and discover the real you

• in the middle of big stress, take big breaths
• when you don’t feel “fully alive,” that’s your spirit saying, “make changes!”

• always choose joy!
• be yourself, your authentic, fabulous self; after all, what else is there?

In this year (that’s still new) may you feel loved, may you recognize your value, and may your spirit guide you to what your heart desires.

With Love,

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