A Different Perspective

Pain is real.
I don’t know even one adult who has not experienced some heartache during this lifetime. Yet, hope continues to loom—even in the dark, even when we don’t acknowledge it—perhaps especially when we don’t acknowledge it.

It’s sometimes easier to assign negativity and sorrow to our lives than it is to embrace each diamond of joy (no matter how small) and hold each word of peace and love (no matter how quickly said) in our hearts, isn’t it?

Yet, when we allow melancholy to banish happiness and tolerate sorrow destroying wonder, we create a cycle that separates us from living into our highest selves. We lose sight of the value God sees in us. (I’ve been guilty of this.)

In my honest moments of introspection, I’m aware that I’ve sometimes fallen into the trap of allowing other humans to define me, seeing my reflection only through their eyes, forgetting my innate value and worth.
I’ve too often told myself, especially in the last decade,
who I’m not or no longer am:
who I was that’s lost,
who I believed I would be but didn’t become.
(I realize that I need to work on this. ❤︎)

So, today, tell me who you are, not who you aren’t.
Dig deep into the well that seems bottomless:
to see your amazingness,
to recognize your value,
to shout out loud your importance.
Listen to the voice reminding you
that you are valuable,
that you are loved,
that you matter,
because you do.


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