Choices; this seven-letter word sets the course for your life.

Choosing moves energy, creating change that sets what you want into motion. Choices empower you, so it’s critical to discern what you desire and require in your life.

You choose every day by weighing the pros and cons, considering alternatives, and then taking action. A considerable amount of this goes on without your awareness, because your conscious and subconscious mind, uses past outcomes, intuition and preconceived ideas of what’s “right” in the selection process.

Sometimes decisions are relatively minor like, work out or sleep-in, mow the grass or pull weeds, coffee vs. tea. Others are profound—where to live, what career to pursue, or who you’ll spend your life with.

At home, you make selections every day: shows or movies you view (and how they impact your life), what you consume, how many possessions you bring into your home, how you treat the people who live with you. With each of these preferences, you’re making one more statement about what you believe and how you feel; affirming what’s important to you.

The decisions that most impact your life are the tough ones, of course, but all the little choices you make each day define who you are.

Although COVID-19 has significantly changed the “Options Menu,” we still have so many more opportunities than most people on Planet Earth. We forget to stop and think about the responsibility and awesome privilege it is to be able to choose. Choosing— “green or black tea, leave for the meeting now or later, write a note to a friend or read a book, spend time with my child or watch a movie”—is not an option most people have.

Every selection, from the route you take to work, where you live, how you dress, what you eat, and how you spend your resources becomes part of the fabric of you. You are your choices.

There are significant life decisions and tiny daily alternatives. Even deciding not to choose is a choice. We’re conditioned to be reasonable, rational thinkers, so many people don’t take risks, instead merely “managing” their lives instead of living them, disallowing thinking outside the box because of the crippling, “what if I fail?”

When what you’ve chosen doesn’t turn out the way you intended, adopt a philosophy of “okay, that didn’t work, I’ll choose differently next time,” instead of being hard on yourself.

Some people fear decision-making so much that they’ve forgotten how to make choices. They dismiss their spirit, the internal compass. Others let everyone else—from family, friends, and coworkers to strangers on the internet— tell them what to do rather than trust their own inner voices.

Choose to stop and ask these questions:

“How will I:
honor my spirit,
treat others,
spend my time,
use my resources,
take care of my home,
stand up for myself,
and connect with my higher power?

What, from your past, influences the choices you make each day?
What have you chosen that hasn’t worked for you?
What do you choose for your life now?

As you walk through this journey called life, you may come to a fork in the road where you can choose to take a different path, one that opens new, exciting doors. Take a chance, find yourself, seek adventure, and joy. You are worth it!

Instagram: @peace_full_home

©peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2020.



Instagram: @peace_full_home

©peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2020.






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