Life Right Now—Fear, Superheroes, and COVID-19


Discussions about COVID-19 have become part of our daily conversations. I’m not suggesting that we hide from the updates, but we need an awareness of how being bombarded by this news, on every media platform, is affecting us.

Fear has become one of our songs, and there’s a good reason for that. Some of us, organically, worry more than others. (Part of that has been influenced by our growing up years.) And, from an evolutionary perspective, we’ve been hard-wired to run from danger. Feelings of being unsafe lead to worry, which creates fear-based thinking that affects our judgment, causing us to see the world differently. We steer clear of what we perceive as “dangerous,” and that, in turn, impacts how we interact with others.

Fear is a powerful demon that creates behaviors that wouldn’t play out in typical life. (One example of this is the toilet tissue crisis.) When the fear bubbles up, we usually can’t run from it; we have to move thought it. We shouldn’t ignore it, hoping it goes away, or hide it on a shelf in an unused closet—we need to bring it out into the light and analyze the root of the apprehension.

What frightens you?

Is it the fear of unemployment and financial challenges?
Do you worry about having to give up so many of the experiences that define your lifestyle?
Are you fearful of losing your friends?

Are you concerned that you will never be the same?
Are you frightened of being alone?
Name your fears. When we “look them in the eye,” we empower ourselves to move forward.


Superheroes have unique gifts. They are heroic, protect others, seek truth and justice, teach us about living our passions, speak to our deep-seated desires, and create solutions to eradicate evil. They’re a lot like us.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

I posed this question this morning. These are some of the fantastic responses I received (I didn’t explain why I was asking the question):

  • to be fully present and attuned to the world around me and respond in a way that shows I care deeply
  • the ability to fly
  • curing cancer
    • to transport myself quickly, so that I could visit with all of you anytime
  • compassion
  • ability to make others smile or laugh at any time
  • super intelligence to solve any problem
  • quickly assessing the current situation and predicting the outcome
  • to be free to exercise compassion and relieve suffering when it is truly necessary
    • the power to heal
  • empathy to be able to understand others’ perspectives
  • the power to sprinkle any kind of happiness to everyone

Aren’t these beautiful examples of “superhero thinking?” A dozen responses; a dozen different answers, and most of them that show that you don’t need a cape (or a killer body) to be a superhero! (Thank you, Jill, Nancy, Betsy, Sara, Monica, Larry, Dan, Renee, Carol, Dave, Jim and,  Bob!)

We, ordinary humans, have so many gifts that we don’t acknowledge. Together, if we embrace our gifts, we can change our world!

Some of today’s superheroes are:

  • business bankers laboring late into the night to help their clients get funds to save their companies
  • folks who are working in stores that are open so that we can buy groceries
  • hospital staff keeping doors open and doing everything from cleaning the floors to saving lives
  • folks who are offering free online yoga and meditation classes
  • church leaders who are creating vehicles to keep their communities together
  • volunteers who continue to take meals to seniors, so they’re not hungry
  • distillery owners who are making sanitizers instead of beer
  • people who are sewing masks instead of making money

Eradicating pain will not be easy, but if we acknowledge each other strengths and do our best to eliminate fear, we will be taking a massive leap into leaning into each other’s strengths.
Together, we are strong.
Together, we can eradicate fear.
Together, we can move forward.

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