Life Right Now—Spirituality and COVID-19

In the midst of COVID-19, it seems like many of us are in one of two camps. Camp 1 is overflowing with people who are overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted. Camp 2 holds those who are at the other end of the spectrum and feel defeated, sad, bored, or lonely.
How are you holding up?
Which camp is yours?

Most of us are accustomed to being social, so as physical distancing becomes our new normal, it’s even more important than ever to strengthen our relationship with God. Since most of us are, now, less connected physically, to other humans, we need to be more connected than ever to our Higher Power.

During this time of transition, we have a blank slate on which we can write the story of how we will move forward—an opportunity to think about what we can do differently, instead of falling into a sea of sadness or grief. Disarming fear and apprehension isn’t going to happen overnight, but when we wrap ourselves in spirituality, we move energy.

This global pandemic is creating a new reality. In this time of upheaval, that has changed lifestyle and economies, we are being forced to look at life, through a different lens. The experiences we are having now will be part of the roadmap of the rest of our lives.

World-altering events exacerbate anxiety and can lead to sleep issues, fluctuating moods, and fear. This virus is affecting not only our physical bodies; it is also infecting our souls. Taking care of our souls is vitally important. Feeling powerless leads to feeling helpless. We don’t know who to trust.

If you live alone or you’re in a space with others but you still feel alone, try to lean into the solitude by connecting with your spirit. If your home is full of people, especially if they take away from rather than add to your life, try to carve out some time to be alone and process.  Even ten minutes will help.

Tap into the wisdom you organically have, remembering that each word uttered aloud, each communication through our devices, and each word written has tremendous power. Remember, thoughts become words; words become action. What we believe is how we live.

Leaning into more spirituality lessens uncertainty. Our psyches (mind, soul, spirit) are calling out with love, “please honor your life.”

When I’m working with people who want to change the way they’re moving through life, one of the assignments I give them is writing down at least one positive aspect about themselves, or their life, each day. This builds awareness of positivity—an important part of emotional and spiritual health. Are you willing to try this? It doesn’t take much time and requires nothing more than something to write your daily “this is a wonderful thing about me!” statement on.

 A Prayer For Today

We are frightened, like children who can’t find their way home.
Please lead us.
We are broken, like a flower crushed on the ground.
Please mend our hearts.
We are empty, like streams that dried up and lost their beauty.
Please fill us with grace.
We are lonely, like a boat drifting alone in the ocean.
Please walk alongside us.
We are angry, like wind howling over the mountain.
Please bring us peace.
Amen. ❤︎

Tomorrow: Life Right Now—Superheroes, Fear, and COVID-19

Thank you for being on this journey with me,

Dear Reader,
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