Life Right Now—Sadness and COVID-19

COVID-19 has infected us not only physically. During the past two days, we talked about spirituality, fear, and superheroes. Today, let’s tackle sadness.

There are, obviously, a lot of things to be sad about right now. We can’t help experiencing unhappiness in challenging times. But, we can work to move through it.

Sit quietly with your sadness; call it by name; hold it. It is part of you. Like the fear we talked about yesterday, you can try to hide it away, but until you make peace with it, the pain will stay with you, lingering in the background of the symphony of your life.

Close your eyes. Be quiet and still enough to hear your heart beating—the life-giving rhythm that allows you to be in this moment. Be in touch with your body. Feel the pulse in your fingers—hands that you use every day, often without acknowledgment. Hold onto the fragility of the blessed moment you are in without judgement. Honor that you cannot rewrite the past, but that each moment forward can be crafted by your hands and heart.

Your sadness wants to be set free, not frozen in your psyche, and chained to your heart. It’s okay to honor grief, but God does not want you to hold onto to sorrow, or guilt or pain. God does not want you to wear an armor of anguish. God wants you to walk free, unencumbered by unhappiness.

Moving through the dark and choosing peace over sadness, in your life right now, allows you to walk into the light of life. Choose light. Be still. In your silence, you can hear so much. Allow your inner voice to tell you tales of peace, joy, and happiness. They are your stories to tell because, even when you haven’t felt it, you have always been loved.

Today’s Prayer

Sadness sometimes wraps around us like a heavy coat, soaked from a downpour. We struggle to take that coat off, but it’s almost impossible. We pull and tug, but all that happens is that a puddle of water ends up on the floor. We sit down with it still on and get pulled into the chair by the weight of it.

We know we need You to help us “wring out” that pain; to embrace it so that we can let it go; to move beyond it so that we can rise out of that seat of sorrow. So, God, walk with us as we navigate stormy waters. Hold our hands as we cross unfamiliar streets. And, be our constant guide as we walk into Your love and light.

Amen ❤︎

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