Dream Chaser

If you had limitless resources and time, what would you pursue? What is your dream?

Maybe your dream is moving somewhere warmer, quitting the job you hate and doing something fulfilling, traveling to beautiful places or finding the right person to share life with.  Perhaps it’s hearing someone say, “What can I do for you; how are you feeling?” because you never hear those words. (Your feelings and dreams do matter, so if that’s what you wish for, you may want to put “compassionate, caring people” on your list.) It might be that your dream is to really change the world!

• Have you started pursuing your dream?
• Is the dream so audacious that you don’t even know where to start?
• Are you close to being able to accomplish/have what you dream of?

Write down what you want, and say aloud what you’re thinking. Taking pen to paper and allowing your desires to be heard moves energy, which moves you one step closer to actualization.

• Outside of the job you have to support yourself or your family, or the time you care for others you’re responsible for, what are you filling your life with?
• Do you ever numb the pain of “not enough” with material things that you’re chained to instead of pursuing your desire?
• Do people and possessions add to your life, or are they simply distracting you from what really matters”?

Data supports that most of us will do a lot more work to avoid losing something we already have, then we’d be willing to do to gain that exact same thing. I see that with downsizing clients who can’t take all their material possessions with them. The value placed on something they already own becomes unreasonably high. (one example: A couple is trying to sell a table that’s no longer wanted, believing that “it’s worth at least $200″. They post it everywhere, but no one offers more $30 for it, so they don’t sell it. On moving day, it’s in the dumpster. That couple wouldn’t have paid $200 for it either, but they didn’t want to let it go.)
This happens with relationships that have run their course too. It’s somtimes easier to simply maintain the status quo than it is to recognize what truly has value.

If you never reach for your dream, you’re guaranteeing that you won’t fail but, you are also closing off the opportunity to succeed. Wrap your arms around yourself and say—with passion and commitment—“Yes! I am going to chase my dream. I deserve that. I am worth that!

What could you remove from your current reality, that wouldn’t negatively impact your tomorrow? It could be a person who “takes away” rather than “adds to” your life,. It could be time spent staring at a television instead of pursuing your dream? Or, maybe it’s the fear of moving forward—trusting your inner, spirit-led voice—that you need to eradicate from your life.

Fill in the blank:
At the core of my being,I would love to___________________________________________

Then, honor your value and go after that dream. You truly do deserve that!

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