A Note to God

11/21/19, a note to God:

Hi God,

Years continue to rush by in what seems like the blink of an eye. The last one flew by faster than the previous ten, and much more quickly than the twenty before that. The first thirty—well, they seemed to meander slowly; like a lazy river taking its time, enjoying the scenery. I know, that as we experience more of human life, our perception of time changes and that on the spirit side, what we mortals call time, will be substantially different, if we’re even aware of it.

Remind me to stop the days from speeding by. Help me to be aware, peace-filled and joy-full more; to slow down and create meaningfulness—times full of meaning. I desire to be a change agent, even if in an infinitesimally small way, leaving a footprint sprinkled with hope. I truly want to look into each fellow human’s eyes and see you.

I yearn to chase my dreams—dreams that you believe are important. I want to live into the moments and honor all whose lives I touch. Please give me the grace to make it so.

My desire is for my life to be a prayer to you. Not a prayer of “why can’t I?” or “I want”. But, rather, a prayer of thanks, compassion, acceptance, and understanding. I’ve not always been good at that, in spite of my great intentions, so I’ll need your help.

And so, my journey continues.

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