Phenomenon—a fact or circumstance that’s observed, but sometimes difficult to explain or even understand.
It’s about consciousness and what we experience and how that affects us.
What we “feel” exists because we’re experiencing it.

Psychological Phenomena refers to mental processes, like:
• The Placebo Effect—if a patient believes that he’s taking something that’s supposed to heal him (even if it has no such capability) it’s sometimes enough to deliver real results.
• The Frequency Illusion—once something comes to your attention it’s suddenly everywhere. (You decide to buy a dishwasher and suddenly see a lot of ads for them. They were always there, but now you’re tuned into them.)

Natural Phenomena which is not influenced by we humans, includes happenings like:
• Black Suns—thousands of starlings (smallish, black birds) look like they’re dancing through the sky.
• Waterspouts—swirling towers of wind, climbing straight up from the ocean. (I saw this once….amazing)

Social Phenomena is created by society.
It’s the effect of external, social, or individual constructs that influence our lives.

As children, our early years created foundations that informed our opinions. The older we become, the more we’re affected by our life experiences. We morph; gradually evolving; (hopefully) making our own decisions. We begin to observe how one person’s behavior influences others (behavioral social phenomena) and we become aware of how the impact of previous actions—like women fighting for the right to vote—influences the lives of entire groups (historical social phenomena).

The Wave
When successive groups of people in a stadium stand up, raise their hands, yell and then sit back down, it’s called a wave. It’s a really interesting phenomenon where people who don’t know each other act together seamlessly.
Who starts the wave?
How do the people know which way to go?
How fast should it be?
Who finishes it?

(researchers found: it only takes a few people to start a wave, they typically turn clockwise and move at a speed of 20 seats per second.)

How amazing is it that, without any pre-planning, a disconnected group of humans can spontaneously create something on this large a scale organically? The Wave is a social phenomenon. In those moments we are just going with the flow; leading and being led. 

∞ Are there times when you’re not even aware of why you do what you do? Could you be easily get sucked into a “wave” started by other mere mortals?

∞ If our minds can heal our bodies (placebo effect), and the more we think about things, the more we see/hear them (frequency illusion), I wonder what we’re missing; what we’re passing by.

∞ So much is happening around us. How often are we are unseeing; unaware—going with whatever flow someone else is creating; being influenced by all sorts of stimuli that we don’t even think about? Something to ponder, right?

What if we harness all the amazing abilities we, clearly, have and make our world a better place?
What if we become aware, take it one step at a time and live into our highest selves.
And what if, in those steps, we actually shift our world?

I think you, dear readers, are phenomenal—in the way that’s astonishing like a black sun, remarkable like a waterspout, and sensational like the energy of a wave. Thank you for being on the journey with me.

Twitter: @kaymclane
Instagram: @peace_full_home


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