Hammering Hope

Seven years ago, I was encouraged by my dear friend, Betsy, to join a Habitat For Humanity, “Women Build” committee. Our group was brainstorming fund-raising ideas and Annie, a member of our team (and now a close friend), came up with the concept for “She Nailed It!”—an all women, relay nail-hammering competition, that not only raises funds for affordable housing but also shines a spotlight on the inequality women experience from a global perspective.

“She Nailed It” is now not only a Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania initiative; it has spread to many different parts of our country.

One woman, one idea, one team, one desire, one decision that changes lives.

I’m no longer on the Women Build Committee, but each year my friend, Nora, and I manage the competition on the day of the event (obviously, with a lot of other people). Yesterday, we had a record-breaking twenty-nine teams (including two teams from my church, The Barn)—116 women on a stage hammering their hearts out
for someone else;
someone they never met;
someone who will never know their names.

As I stood on the stage and introduced each team, I felt truly inspired by the capacity we have as human beings to choose to be part of the solution—to care enough to expend the energy necessary to be the wind that causes shimmering ripples, that grow into waves of understanding, love, and respect.

Thinking about yesterday, and about life, and about how often we miss so very much in the blur of day-to-day living, I, again, became aware.


narrow-mindedness closes our hearts and spirits
and diversity expands horizons and open doors

financial wealth allows experiences and possessions that most of us will never know
but genuine interaction with other humans will always surpass all of that

our myopia encourages us to see what’s right in front of us
and we miss the, often amazing, big picture

a reality that has never driven on a bumpy road is lovely
but adversity—the road that’s far from smooth—builds character out of pain

some relationships add immeasurably to our lives
and some relationships exact very high prices

climbing a mountain and seeing an amazing vista can be life-altering
but climbing out of a pit of darkness can be life-saving

a lot can be said for being successful and well-employed
and a lot more can be said by successfully living into our highest selves

physical beauty opens doors and tends to make life a bit (or a lot) “easier”
but not being fashion-model gorgeous invites people to love us for who we are

living in a perfect home, that you love, is great
and giving of yourself so that someone else can live in a humble home, is amazing

driving past fields of sunflowers in bloom is awe-inspiring
but driving past streets of need and not even noticing is heart-breaking


love gives wings to emotions, which can move the energy of the universe
and hope—the kind that we have the capacity to share—fans the fire of change

Thank you to all the amazing people who continue to fan the fires of love and hope and change. Our world is better because of you.

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6 thoughts on “Hammering Hope

  1. I was blessed to be on the Barn team, twice! The positive energy level this year must have been explosive. Kay how exciting and gratifying to see an event grow. Congratulations sister!


    • It was crazy, Robin! I’m so glad that you were able to experience it before you moved. You are still missed, my sister!


  2. A team of women bringing their individual talents together is a powerful force! I’m forever grateful that I was part of this experience.


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