Finding Grace and Peace in Giving Up

There are lines (sometimes very fine) between
embracing fully,
giving up.

Today, let’s talk about giving up.

It’s easy to imagine abandoning hope when you:
feel scared or vulnerable,
hide in the shadows,
don’t have the support of those who are “supposed” to love you,
are victimized or minimized or
give up the fight…for your rights, your beliefs or yourself.

When do you simply give up?
When does powerlessness become the theme of the week (or year, or decade), and the list of “amazing and wonderful things” becomes dwarfed by the list of “I can’t believe this is part of my life”?


There are times, blessedly, when everything seems to be functioning optimally. You’re happy, the world is your proverbial oyster, and you know you are loved.

But, there are times when you can’t seem to catch your breath—you’re in a fast, downward spiral and you’re going to crash.

And, there are times when you feel hollow with an emptiness so vast, and a void so dark that you give up, so that you don’t have to give in.

There are times when we’re forced to give up—the decision is taken out of our hands. We can blame it on someone else or the economy, or even God. And, there are times when we decide to give up, which can be exponentially more challenging because we choose it.

Do you ever play a game that has you believing that you’re “better off” keeping the status quo, because being fully authentic is too risky? Do you ever think, “What happens if the cost of giving up is just too high?” 

Finding Grace and Peace in Giving Up

Let’s consider an option that puts “giving up” in a good light.

I believe we have a God-given responsibility to not let our lives be sullied by the behavior or fear of others.
So, if you can wrap your arms around that one simple statement, you can embrace these questions:
What if the very thing, person or situation I’m striving for, or hanging onto, isn’t right for my life?
What if I’ve been ignoring the yearnings of my spirit?
What if, in the giving up, I gain, not lose?
What if my life is better by giving up?
What if I receive grace, and experience peace, by giving up?

We have capacious hearts, minds and spirits. We have plenty of room for peace and joy to enter in even if—and in spite of the times—we’ve said, “I give up. I’m done”. Name what you truly care about. Because without your truth—and without knowing when you need to fight through and when you need to give up—who are you?

This week’s challenge:
Acknowledge what’s really important to you—what makes your spirit sing. Then figure out where you’re able to make room for more of that by giving up something that’s taking away, rather than adding to, your joy. That’s where God will meet you with grace and peace. 

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