Singing, Pain, Tolerance, Dust

Singing   As the sun rose, I sat facing the garden. The trunk of the majestic locust tree was on the right, the branches of the stately pines, heavy with newly fallen snow were on the left. Nature was singing. I felt small—not only physically. I felt my incorporeal smallness. I thought about an evening when […]

The Green “Mr. Rogers Sweater” and Gifts of Love

I don’t have a lot of “things” that belonged to my Dad. I have the cuff links he wore when he married my Mom. I have the note he gave me, as a young mother, that says, “Dear Kay, Real love is given freely—without any hidden costs or fine print. Please accept this gift of love. […]

Laughter in a Cape Cod

What usually seems like just yesterday (but sometimes feels like so long ago), I was a young, single mother raising two beautiful daughters. We were—by the standards we in North America judge wealth—poor. I didn’t make a lot of money. I was putting myself through college at night—I often joke I was on the “twenty-year plan”. We […]