Change, Growth, Joy

Yesterday, the faith community I’m part of dedicated a new space. It’s not a traditional church; it’s not even a building we own because our philosophy has always been to use our resources to create a safe place where love is paramount, a sense of community is critical, and we can be genuine with each other as fellow humans. (Sadly, authenticity is often not the norm; we’ve been exposed to so much dishonesty that it’s often tough to discern what’s legitimate.)

When I spoke to our “church,” along with my dear centenarian friend Jack and friend Brian, it was with an awareness of the significant hours and amazing volunteer hearts needed to build a village—a nurturing God-filled space.

After expressing gratitude for all those who collaborated on this project, I talked about creating this space where we invite sacredness and unbridled joy, quiet zen moments, and heart-filled laughter. I shared the sense of celebration and thanked everyone for the support (in so many ways) that birthed into fruition this big dream.

I talked about “breathing in” and “resting in” a job well done, honoring all who have been part of this gathering for a month or two decades, and welcoming—with love and kindness—everyone who joined us because community and love are one of God’s big dreams.

We would begin anew, not discarding what had already been created but continuing the journey, aware of the many blessings we have been bestowed with, the hearts that have become connected, and the love that has echoed through our spirits.

As I pondered those words this morning, I became aware of how relevant they are in our everyday lives; how they resonate as truth for life.

We need safe places to be our authentic selves and experience the sometimes elusive “zen”; where joy can spill over, filling us with love and hope.

We should express gratitude for what others bring to us and how we positively influence others.

We need to breathe and honor our “well-done moments” and then create a community with humans who believe that we are stronger together.

And we can start over every day, or every hour if necessary, by walking in our sacred truths.

The Barn is an Allentown, Pennsylvania faith community, where our mantra is “Love Wins.”
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