Great Expectations & Granted Permission

Expectations speak to desired outcomes like:
anticipation or,
looking forward.

They’re sometimes an assumption, but often they’re deeply rooted longings bolstered by the faith that something petitioned for or desperately needed will come to fruition. 

What are your great expectations? 

I asked myself, “what do I desire to create or achieve with this year that’s still new and shiny and encouraging me to continue to evolve”? How would you answer that question?

Permission is when we give ourselves license to simply be:
to walk past the “to-do” list,
to ignore the insistent demands of technology,
to choose to take the time to be immersed with others, ourselves, or God,
to silence the background noise screaming, “this is what I’m expected to do; this is how I’m supposed to behave; this is the role I’m stuck in and have to be okay with?”

 How often do you grant yourself permission to be and do what YOU want?

One day, when I had no client appointments, I purposely chose to let the day come to me.
I didn’t run through it,
or sleep through it,
or micro-manage through it,
or push through it.
I simply allowed the day to unfold.

That morning, I listened to the birds herald the start of a new day, despite winter’s biting cold and darkness. I paid attention to the hollow yet beautiful sound of the bamboo wind chimes. I really looked at my home and the property around it. I smelled the scent of my orange as I ate it (something I often take for granted). I wrote in my journal slowly, without the hurriedness of moving on to the next thing.

Later, I made a salad for lunch, then ate it slowly, fully aware of the gift of the food that nourished me. I made tea twice and remembered how Mom always “put the teapot on” when we sat down to talk.

I didn’t judge myself during that entire day, and I chose to stop overthinking for those twenty-four hours. (I’m a work in progress, so I’m not sure how often I’ll succeed with that experiment!) And I said, “thank You, God,” a lot as these Paul McCartney lyrics danced through my mind:
“Let it be, let it be
ah, let it be; yeah, let it be
whisper words of wisdom, let it be.”

May you have a calm and serene day where you say, “let it be.”
May you be blessed.
May you know your value.
May you grant yourself permission to be your genuine self, the one that matters, the one that sings loud above the clanging gongs of “do or be this.” And may you honor your great expectations because you are worth that.

With Love,

Twitter: @kaymclane

Instagram: @peace_full_home
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