Life & Death

N.b.: The topic of this post is weighty, spurred on by the massacre in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday. I understand if this is too sensitive for you to read, and respect that your perspective may be different from mine.

“Death is part of life.”
Five syllables that seem elementary when part of a big-picture conversation and incredibly profound, and almost unspeakable, when a loved one dies.   

When I think about death, it is with an awareness that it’s inevitable, reminding me of the fleetingness of life, and because I have macabre dreams—despite never watching or reading violence—demise often dances in my nightmares.

I consider myself a spiritual human, and within the confines of my still-limited knowledge, I talk about Maranasati—death awareness—because I believe being conscious of moving to what I identify as the Spirit side is essential while we still dwell in human form on this spinning orb. 

I don’t want to be afraid or tip-toe through life, and I don’t have any desire to leave our planet any time soon. But, denying death does not change reality; it is a given, an experience we all will have one day.

When I’m living into my highest self, I’m cognizant of the limitations of time, mindful of the weeks, months, and years that fly by, faster and faster with each orbiting of our sun. We cannot slow life down nor hide from what seems like (because our reality of time is altered as we age) shortening years. But denying death does not vanquish it. 

So, how do we make peace with what will, one day, be our transition? Mindfulness allows us to transcend and see beyond our world’s limits regarding death, inviting us to live into our highest selves with awareness—but not guilt—of how we spend our moments. 

These are my truths: I believe there is life after death and have experienced connection with those on the other side, and am aware of lives before this current one where I’m a white female with loving family and friends, a roof over my head, and food to eat. And, I believe that when I leave the earth plane, my consciousness will move through a veil into pure light—what I would call God’s or Spirit’s light.

(I’ve also had multiple conversations with God asking for this to be my last go-round as a human.)

When loved ones died, I was crushed and, for long periods, didn’t believe I would find myself again, so I cannot fully imagine the devastation the families and friends of those murdered in New York a few days ago are experiencing. My heart is broken for them and for all who grieve.

 Today, let’s choose to live into our highest selves, aware of the grace we’re given. Let’s honor this day by saying, “Thank You, God, for all I have.” And, let’s never forget to remember how blessed we are to live in freedom and experience love.

May this day bring you blessings and hope. May this day bring you peace.

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