A Home for Joy

When I ponder the word “Joy,” much comes to mind: the people I love most and all those who bring cheer (or bonafide festivity) into our world, the humans who make us smile or lift us up or make us better, the sound of laughter, the innocence of a newborn baby, the heartbeat of love, the compassion and respect and the awareness of blessedness—even when we don’t see it, even when it’s behind our self-invented clouds.

Yesterday, our Lehigh Valley’s Habitat For Humanity organization held its tenth “She Nailed It” competition—an event that began a decade ago when a group of us (all women) sat around a table in our local HFH office and brainstormed about a fundraiser. This event was birthed into reality when my friend Annie said, “Why don’t we have an all-women hammering contest?!” Her idea morphed into an initiative that has blossomed far beyond Pennsylvania, allowing families (who invest sweat-equity into the project) to own a home. Nine life-transforming words that change lives, touch hearts, share compassion, build houses and empower women.

How often do we forget the immense energy and power of our ideas? How frequently do we miss what’s right in front of us—turning away instead of walking towards the scared, the lonely, the homeless, the other?

What have we, if not love and compassion? What do we miss when we close our eyes to what’s, for us, is too painful to see? What if we choose love and compassion? What if we look at the other through God’s eyes, through the lens of unadulterated love?

And so, our human journey continues.
May this day bring you love, blessings, awareness, peace, and hope.

These amazing women took third place (out of fifty-eight teams) at yesterday’s Habitat For Humanity’s “She Nailed It” competition! I am honored to share life with these beautiful friends! ❤️


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