For contemporary Christians, Advent is a time of readiness, an anticipation-filled awaiting of the birth of Jesus.

But, what used to be a time of reflection and prayer is often replaced by a season of buying. The “bringing into total perfection” has morphed into bringing in more possessions.

Road and internet-weary consumers choose something, anything, so that there’s a gift to be given—often an object that will be returned or discarded. Happy, painted-on smiles conceal disappointment for what wasn’t received or the unwanted thing—likely made by bleeding hands in faraway places—only to be purged to an overflowing landfill or stuck on a closet shelf.

Advent is often bested by overconsumption.

We get caught up in the running to the end…instead of settling into the journey about to unfold. Pages of the calendar begin to turn at fascinating speed as the must-do lists become the priority, while the rest is left behind until the birth has been accomplished and the star no longer shines.

Here in this time of Advent, we address it all. The long and sometimes treacherous journey seeking The Star of Light, searching for truth and awareness beyond the clanging gongs of possessions.

Waiting in anticipation, what is God asking of us?
Waiting for that birth, what do we remember?
Do we forget to see beyond what is right in front of us, to see what is inside us?
Are we unaware that the gift, always, was love?

Let’s go back to childlike wonder with The Star, with anticipation, not of a sometimes-jolly Santa dressed in red, but with hearts that honor God’s love.

What if the gifts we share are not gold, frankincense, and myrrh, but grace, fellowship, and mirth?

Let’s be hopeful and aware, anticipating the arrival. Let’s not buy and wrap Christmas but live as visionaries of joy and hope.

At the very moment when the days are the shortest and darkness seems to have conquered light, we see hope. In this season, and in the least expected place, the Son of God is born.

What if we become the gift of being Christmas, leaning into the real reason, not the secular season?
What if we’re harbingers of hope, not merely purveyors of physical possessions?
What if, in this time of Advent, we become love?


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