Thanksgiving Blessings

Last night, I went to bed hungry. It was by choice, not by necessity. There were moments while lying in the darkened room that I thought about getting up, going into the kitchen, opening a pantry or refrigerator door, and choosing something to eat. But I didn’t. Instead, I thought about the 800 million people on our planet who go to bed hungry. ❶ In the United States alone, more than 40 million people are food insecure. ❷

As I sit at my desk, with a cup of hot tea in a hand-made mug inscribed with “a cup of peace” gifted to me by a dear friend, I recognize, again, how blessed I am to “give thanks.”

I am thankful for my family—my daughters, grandchildren, husband, and the women closest to me who are my “sisters.” 

I am grateful for the heat that warms my house this cold November morning and for the birds that will stop by their feeder before I finish this post. 

I am blessed by my faith community and the camaraderie and the passion we share for being a positive presence in our hurting world. 

I am aware that the freedom I too often take for granted is not a reality for so many and that as I freely write these words—my independent thoughts—so many will never be heard. And, I recognize that much too often, there are times when I take what I have for granted. I aspire to change that—to lean into the joy, to revisit the spaces where my heart breaks or my soul cries out from sorrow, and learn how to heal that. Perhaps you would like to take that pilgrimage too.

Thank you, beloved readers, for taking this journey with me—for your input and wonderments, for your support and love. May this day be one filled with awareness of all that is sacred, all that is good. And, may you recognize your incredible value as a creation of God.  

May this day of Thanksgiving be blessed for you. May you know your innate value. May God’s light and the energy of the universe propel you into your true self, one of significance and beauty and grace and love. And, may you know peace—harmony that resonates in your spirit, serenity that soothes past sorrow,  and tranquility that allows your heart to soar.❤︎


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