Morning Mourning

Last week, I woke up one morning with an appreciation of abundance because of a dream I had. However, today I awoke aware of a feeling of mourning.   

Like many (or most) of you, I’ve experienced significant heartbreak, having lost the earthly presence of my parents, brother, and a few dear friends. Those heartbreaking times often leave holes in our hearts that can’t be fully repaired in this life.

Other experiences, or life events, can deliver sadness or darkness to our front doors, too, like the awareness that a dream long-held won’t be realized or having an “aha moment” when you finally accept a truth you tried to run from for a long time. 

Like most of you, there are many times I’ve mourned during these decades, not only for what I’ve lost or have been hurt by (like miscarriages or betrayal) but for more day-to-day things like adjusting to my different eyesight or accepting that a gigantic tank will loom over my home for as long as I’m here or the realization that there will be times I simply won’t be heard no matter how hard I try.  

Age brings wisdom to most of us, and it sometimes creates a contemplative mindset where we allow ourselves to walk through—instead of jumping over or running from—our languishing darkness or keening pain. I don’t want to run. I want to do the work and move forward. And that, dear reader, is what I wish for you too. 

Face what may seem insurmountable.
Listen to your inner voice. 
Speak your truth. 
Believe in yourself always, even (especially) when you’re mourning because you matter
You are valuable. 
You are beloved.

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One thought on “Morning Mourning

  1. Good morning my friend! I SO am missing you, and am looking forward to getting together when i get back from Vermont! It is bittersweet to be here without mom…but so sweet to be with Jake, Megan, my nephew Colin and his expectant wife, Shawna. Tammy is a bit overwhelmed.

    Hope you are well!!! Love you!

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