bounty, thriving, plentiful, overflowing

Last night, I had two very unusual dreams unlike most of what I usually conjure up (dark or violent, which has never made sense since I don’t read or watch anything with violence).

When I woke, the only word that came to mind was “abundance.”

What is good, positive, uplifting in your life? When, where, and with whom do you experience abundance? For some, the automatic bias will be to say, “I don’t experience abundance at all.” For others who really think about it (and maybe write it down because positive lists are great!), there could be a plethora of bullet points.

I want to reside in this place—a feeling of abundance—for as long as I can. Yes, challenges will continue to come because (at least for most of us) life throws a lot of curveballs despite our best intentions. But (and this is important) when we 
• lean into anything that has positive energy, 
• eagerly invite it into our realities, then
• choose to hold onto that feeling for dear life,
we create waves of energy that change us. 

As I write this, I think about my friend, Kellee, and her daughter, Dee (or Summer as her family calls her), a nurse who volunteered to work the COVID-19 floor to be near her dying grandmother. In the midst of that, Summer was diagnosed with cancer and not only courageously took on that battle but worked from home doing contact tracing and completing her BSN degree (and she’s a Mom). That’s abundance—a human who chooses to see life and lean into instead of run from it. 







Where do you see abundance? 
Put a blank piece of paper in front of you and write: 
“My Gifts of Abundance”
What’s on your list?
Do you have housing? 
Is freedom part of your reality? (most of us who have independence take it for granted.) 
Do you have people who love you? 
Do you love yourself? (that’s an essential aspect of abundance.)
Are your refrigerator and cabinets filled with food? (do you ever have so much food that you end up throwing it away?)
Do you have a spiritual connection?

Abundance will look different depending on where you sit. For some, the bounty will be mansions, cars, jewels, and gourmet dining every day. For another, abundance could be enough food to feed his child or one person to walk beside her. Most of us will fall somewhere between those extremes. But, wherever you are right now, and no matter how challenging being human can sometimes be, if you resist the urge to list what’s “wrong” and hold dear what’s precious and sacred and “right,” you walk with peace-full intention. 

Despite writing this and genuinely believing this, I, too, sometimes forget to remember abundance. Thank you, dreams, for reminding me. Thank you, Dear Readers, for sharing life with me. 

May your day be blessed, 
Kay ❤︎

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