Winds of Change

Have you ever wondered what you could do to birth more peace, joy, and harmony into your life? 

Are the cycles of your reality playing over and over each day like a skipping record?  

Does your life ebb and flow but never really evolve despite fervent prayers and petitions for change? 

Has COVID-19 impacted your life so significantly that you don’t believe you’ll ever be whole again?

Today, I was up by 4:15, writing poetry that very few people will ever read. In the quiet, with the still dark morning beckoning at the window, I recognized, again, how fleeting time is. I thought about the questions I just asked you, knowing that simple words can’t change realities.

In our humanness, when we don’t experience relief from profound sorrow or pain, when we’re on our knees, begging for change, but it doesn’t materialize, it’s challenging to be patient. 

Perhaps, you’ve been praying for health or happiness for someone you love. Maybe, you need something positive to happen right now or are totally exhausted, yearning for alterations in many areas of your life.  

Many of us live in an instant gratification world; hot water, heat, shopping, technology on demand. We’ve lost patience and expectancy, so when change doesn’t happen on our time schedules, we often presume that we’ve failed to pursue our desires with enough gusto and walk away. The real failure, though, is in giving up. 

“Try again” is easy to say, but bringing aspirations to fruition takes much more than two words, so we often retreat. Ultimately, the change we seek doesn’t seem worth the effort, so we choose the “shut up and deal dance,” it’s sometimes easier to acquiesce to a myriad of unacceptable than it is to stand up and demand to be heard.

Avoiding all conflict to peacefully live with others just doesn’t work. When you’re trying to improve your life, giving up or in only leads to anger, resentment, frustration, self-doubt, or sadness. Not sharing what you desire surrenders your ability to live into your highest self. Without letting others know how you feel, there’s no opportunity for your needs to be met. (And, if you want someone to change to make you happy, then you might be assuming that they’re willing to ignore what’s important to them.) This is where you have to find common ground and respectful compromise. 

It’s tough to see every moment as a gift, but each morning we have an opportunity to begin anew. We may not wake up with a new reality, but we do get to decide what we can do differently this day.

Life is capricious, just like the wind. How we lean into it determines how we experience our continually changing reality. 

Give yourself permission to cry, to listen to the quiet voice inside you, to shout for joy.
Connect with another human—you may just change his or her day!
See yourself as strong, resilient, and beautiful (at your core, you are).
Remember that this moment that you’re in right now is the only one that’s guaranteed.
And, be thankful for the gift you are in our world, and bend with the winds of change as they move through your life.


Instagram: @peace_full_home

©peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2021



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