In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?

March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb ❶ is an unambiguous proverb. The weather’s unpredictability is typical; it can be 10˚and snowing one day and 50˚ three days later. We vacillate between standing in the sun’s warmth and shoveling snow! 

These two animals seem very different: ferocious vs. gentle, intimidating vs. docile. But, Jesus was the “Lamb of God” sacrificed for the world’s salvation and the “Lion of Judah.” 
The Lion and the Lamb together, just like March. 

In March, in Astrology and Greek mythology, the constellation Leo, “the lion,” takes over the night sky, crushing everything he steps on until Hercules flings him into the heavens. By the end of the month, the constellation Aries, “the ram”❷ is sent by Zeus to rescue the King’s children. 
Leo makes way for Aries, as March demands to be heard. 

We’re a lot like March; different sides of us revealed depending on what’s going on. Some of us may reside entirely in “lion mode”—powerful, leading, taking charge. Others may know only “lamb mode.” Most of us probably move between the two.

Sometimes we roar through our days, trampling anyone in our path, justifying our actions with, “I can’t help it, I’m exhausted, overwhelmed; this is just who I am: aggressive, opinionated, and prone to outbursts!”  

Other times we’re lost in the shadows, becoming small, not expressing our opinions and feelings, perhaps not even thinking we have them. Do you believe that being voiceless is what you’re supposed to do, uncertain how to change the tide, never demanding to be seen and heard? 

I knew a man who was the barometer of his family.
When he was happy, everyone was allowed to feign happiness.
When his world was “right,” everyone’s world was expected to be right.
When he expected something, it needed to be done his way, immediately. 
When he was angry, even the walls were silenced.  
There was a lot of “eggshell walking” and never real joy when he was there because the home lived in fear, yet the false pretense of “happy family” was required. 
A person like that man has moods that swing so far and so fast that you’re afraid to even breathe. 
Just like March, those living with him never knew what to expect.

You don’t need to live with someone whose moods impact your life profoundly; your day can be affected by just one conversation. Did you ever experience being in an excellent mood when the phone rings and after a 15-minute communication with a less-than-positive person, feeling stressed and defeated? They’re likely relived having “unloaded” all their junk on you; you feel like crawling back in bed.
Please don’t let anyone be the barometer of your life, dictating how your precious days should play out.

How do your storms affect those around you? Do you roar like a lion, let out all your steam, then leave like a lamb? If so, you may never have relationships where the other feels like she’s on solid ground. If you live like the lion—always in command and powerful, can you become more lamb-like? If you’re the perpetual lamb—docile, quiet, and led, would you let your lion roar a little more?

Right now, there’s still snow on my little property. There’s also light shining down, warming our planet, warming our hearts.   
Cold and warm.
Dark and light.
Ebbs and flows of life.
And so it is,










©2021 Peace Full Home/Intentional Living
❶ The expression sometimes called “Pennsylvania farm talk” was also used in the 1700s by the author Thomas Fuller.  
❷ A ram is not exactly a lamb.


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