The Building Blocks of a Peaceful Home

Peaceful doesn’t just happen—not with relationshipscareers, day-to-day life, and, definitely, not with homes.

Some relationships seem so tumultuous that I wonder how those folks get through the day, and I know those who always seem to be “in the right place” with those they love. 

I imagine most people would leave their jobs without hesitation if they could swing it financially, but there are the blessed few who genuinely enjoy the work they do each day. 

I see humans who always seem frantic and stressed (I’ve been there too), yet others seem to float through life buoyed by an endless stream of good luck (hmmm….maybe it’s them). 

I also know many who live in houses or apartments that are far from peaceful.

Today, let’s talk about your home.

Ideally, everyone would reside in a space that raises their spirits. But, if you’re walking through life feeling frantic, disheartened, frustrated, lonely, exhausted, or stressed, it’s even more critical to create peacefulness where you live.

Years ago, I looked through a basket of old toys to see if I could find blocks to spell “PEACE FULL HOME.” I only had one “L” but found enough to make “PEACEFUL HOME.” Some had green, brown, or orange letters, but interestingly, the ones I needed were all primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. (I often talk about the power color has on how your home “feels,” so the irony of the primary color blocks was significant to me!)

What if you create a space with a dozen peaceful qualities that impact your physical home and its inhabitants—a place of serenity?

Protective—a safe harbor (especially in life’s storms)
Embracing—welcoming you home every day
Airy—open with breathing space
Calm—serene, uncluttered, tranquil 
Energy-giving—refueling your tank to move through each day as your best self  
Flexible—spaces that invigorate or nurture you depending on what you need 
Uplifting—joy-filled, “I can’t wait to get home,” place
Loving—filled with memories that bring happiness (as opposed to a house full of possessions that mean nothing)

Healing—offering you the opportunity to be still and at peace
Open—accessible, easy to move through, without clutter
Meditative—contemplative, restful, and restorative
Effervescent—happy and full of life

The past year has been fraught with so much loss and pain. The challenges are not over, but we can take steps forward by creating peace-filled places to live. Let’s start there, taking it “one block at a time.” With a nurturing home-base, we’re better equipped to spread the powers of love, possibility and hope to others. 

©peace full®/intentional living, 2013-2021


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