Living With Intention

Sometimes we humans fly through our days, pretending we have it all together when, in reality, we’re merely going through the motions. Many of us have perfected the “my life is amazing” dance but never figured out who we truly are, maintaining the status quo—no matter how poorly it reflects what our hearts truly desire.

Sadly, many of us are running through our lives so fast that they’re a blur. I’ve heard too often, “I just have to get through this month (year/event/holiday), and I’ll be okay (or make time for what’s important, or spend time with the people I love).” Then, one day, we wake up near the end of our lives, or when those we love are already gone and regret the moments that we missed in the running.
We’ve lost what really mattered, to the things that we’ve long since forgotten.

Living with intention is about consciously choosing how you will walk through each day. 
It’s about choosing how you turn the lens through which you see your reality.
It’s about choosing to acknowledge what you do have instead of seeing only what you don’t have.

Each time you make a choice, you are creating a path that leads to other alternatives. In choosing, you are (often unknowingly) setting intentions for your life.

Each time you choose to be kind to yourself, you are intentional about telling the universe—and yourself—that you have value. That you do matter.

Each time you boldly express your thoughts, instead of allowing—or waiting for—someone else to tell you what to think, you are setting an intention to live into your truths.

Each time you prune something unhealthy out of your life, you are setting an intention for a fuller life because cutting off the negative creates space for the positive.

Each time you reflect optimism, strength, care, or concern, you are setting an intention that you do have the ability to change our world.

Each time you choose contemplation over negative, gut-reaction, you are being intentional about who you are.

Each time you gather with others and discuss or debate or choose a new reality, you are fostering a creative synergy that moves all of us forward.

Each time you choose to look at every person you interact with (or pass on the street, or breeze by in the supermarket) as another spirit energy inhabiting a human body—as a child of God—you make another step toward living intentionally without judgment.

Each time you choose to walk out of the dark and into the light, you are being intentional about how you will live your life.

Every moment counts.
Every thought has energy.
Every action creates a reaction (even when we aren’t aware of it).

We are not beings alone.
We are part of humanity, of all humanity.
We are part of God.
You are part of God.










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