Often, true happiness is borne out of understanding what unhappy is. When young, you, likely, didn’t have a myriad of choices, but, as you “came of age,” you may have been able to turn the lens, culling joy from relationships, choosing where to share your heart, knowing when to run from pain, creating (at least to some degree) the path you wanted to trod. But, perspective is everything. 

When life has been fraught with challenges and struggle, learning how to extinguish the flame of pain lessens the fire of sadness and the smoke of distrust. Happiness—the kind that’s real, felt in the core of your being—is created by actions (or inactions). Unless you’re a person whose life has been as close-to-perfect as human existence allows, joy isn’t something found from just one clue in a scavenger hunt. You have to keep seeking the missing pieces by understanding the “clues” you’ve already been given: experiences up to this point, chances taken, opportunities embraced, open doors walked through. With that awareness, you can then create a path that leads you to inner peace and living into your highest self. 

Perspective + Awareness + Change = Growth

Destructing, and then reconstructing is better than being a living mannequin: frozen, a painted-on smile, no emotion allowed to seep out from the fiberglass or plastic exterior, unable to move fully through life because of the role you’ve chosen to play. (What if the “mannequin you” falls off the pedestal, breaks on the way down, and can’t be glued back together?)

Life speeds up and slows down simultaneously as the second hand of the clock, ticking rhythmically, keeps the beat of life. Perspectives change as consciousness grows. Struggling with sacred awareness and grasping truth—the big, hairy monster sort of truth—is okay. Those experiences create “growth spurts.”

All emotions can be present in one space: joy, pain, hope, resentment, peace, fear, courage, hopelessness. You are not a single-minded static being. And leaning into what you’ve learned to this point gives you the perspective that allows you to move forward, aware, and with intention. And, intentional living leads you to your highest self. 

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